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Rock 2 the Core is a great way to have fun in the classroom while aligning to the Common Core State Standards.

Music is a magical way to engage all types of learners and help student succeed.

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There are so many reasons to use Rock 2 the Core in the classroom and at home!

Positive Learning Environment

Using R2C can create a positive, energized, and engaging classroom environment. R2C songs foster a love of learning and add an element of fun while teaching Common Core aligned academic content.

Reach Different Types of Learners

Rock 2 the Core engages learners in auditory, visual, and kinesthetic modalities. Many students are able to retain information more quickly when multiple modalities are integrated. Learning content through music can help reach students that have learning disabilities, speech issues, and emotional disturbances. English learners are also shown to benefit greatly from learning vocabulary through music. Singing along gives all students a chance to participate without fear of judgement.

Teacher Enjoyment

In initial studies, using Rock 2 the Core in the classroom has shown to increase student growth in content areas as well as dramatically increase teachers’ enjoyment of teaching math and language content. Happy teachers create happy students!

Rock 2 the Core gives you and your students easy-to-learn, standards-aligned songs and videos for grades K-5. Developed BY teachers -- FOR both teachers and parents -- to engage and inspire your students. We are committed to increasing their level of understanding and retention by making learning fun!